Sunday april the 14th 2008 i commenced my first single pilot navigation flight from Ljungbyhed (ESTL) to Göteborg City Airport-Säve (ESGP) via Halmstad (ESMT) After the planning stage I got airborne at 1133 UTC to be able to land at the aerodrome Halmstad open between 1145 and 1215 UTC. After a short moment at holding position to give space for starting jumbo jet a quick landing and start via backtrack. Via NDB “LT” straight to “BAK” VOR. Sneaking past Göteborg-Landvetter control-zone to entry point  “Agnesberg”.  At Agnesberg direct into holding position. After a Boeing had landed and backtracked a “Clear to land” followed by the controller. This resulted in an undramatic landing procedure.


My first long Navigation